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Trust and foundation service

Private trust

Setting up and managing a trust allows controlling participations to protect, maintain and administer a  family's wealth, their assets and possessions around the globe, while retaining an overview of the decisions. Additionally, advice on international tax should be considered for transferring assets and organising the administration; as well as the creation of an inheritance plan in order to respect the family founder's will, family governance, and forced heirship rule.Trusts can provide the following benefits:

  • a supplement to a will or a testament

  • asset protection,

  • confidentiality,

  • flexibility,

  • investment in participation, financial instruments, etc

  • real estate ownership 

  • efficient tax planning strategies

  • and can hold assets such as boats, planes, etc

Maintaining financial structures that function across different jurisdictions can be a challenge. At EIK, we have a wealth of experience in that field. Our services cover:

  • Trusts: discretionary trusts, reserved powers trusts, life interest trusts, charitable trusts, VISTA trusts, purpose trusts;

  • Private trust companies: for families requiring sophisticated structuring;

  • Privately managed companies: for asset holding, residential and commercial properties, artwork, IP, and wider business interests; and,

  • Professional trust protector service.​


For those seeking philanthropic flexibility and impact, the vehicle of choice has always been the private foundation. And when you have a team of experts to support the day-to-day operations of your foundation, your philanthropy becomes more effective, efficient and rewarding.​

Benefits of a private foundation

  • Family legacy: A private foundation establishes a tradition of giving that can carry on your family name; fund causes that are important to you; and support your favourite charitable activities into the future.

  • Control: Private foundations provide the greatest control of any charitable giving vehicle. You decide which charities to support, who sits on the board, and along with your investment team, how your donated funds are invested. You also have great latitude as to the types of assets you can put in the foundation.

  • Family involvement: A private foundation enables you to involve your spouse, children and other relatives in your philanthropy and pass values on to future generations.

  • Current tax deduction for future grants: You may take an immediate tax deduction for contributed assets, even if the foundation does not make charitable grants until a later date.

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