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"EIK" is the abbreviation for "Entrepreneurial Innovative Knowledge". Same as our entrepreneur clients, we think out of the box all the time to create fast and optimised solutions for our clients to adapt to the ever-changing world and uncertainties.

Instead of only focusing on processing accounting and tax information for basic compliance requirements from clients, we think ahead and create innovative solutions to increase their value of the business and to decrease the cost of compliance.

We are in process of building a pipeline of technology focused projects, and innovative solutions even if clients are in traditional industries. We will grow together with our clients who are the drivers of future economy. 


Our logo represents that we are always thinking "out of the box" with our entrepreneurial spirit, strategies and execution. 

Our Services

Our Services

We serve a number of Corporates and High Net-Worth Individuals as our clients. We always bespoke our service to your requirements and offer several solutions for you to optimise your success. 

Tax structuring on Trusts and Foundations

Succession planning and assets protection can be very difficult to achieve. We offer step-by-step service to guide you through tax, assets and family succession matters and solutions.

International and UK tax planning

If you are coming to live in the UK or have tax income or assets in multiple countries, your tax can be very complex and bearing more risks of being probed by HMRC. Our services can mitigate such risks and keep you free from the worries. 

Deals and business

Selling and buying businesses not only require due-diligence but also planning on financing, tax and regulatory compliance. Speak to us to find out how to run your acquisition or disposal smoothly.

Accounting and tax compliance

Need personal tax self-assessment return done or corporate accounts, VAT, PAYE, pension filing submitted?

Speak to us as we can have those done in days in high quality due to your tech solutions. 

Blockchain audit and due diligence

Blockchain is a cutting edge technology and it is still evolving. Tremendous regulatory, financial and tax risk are still associated with this industry. We have experts in blockchain tech to review codes and support your projects.

Cyber security and IT optimisation 

Cyber security breaches and issues becomes a more severe threat to individual and businesses now. We have a top-notch cyber team that used to serve large corporates and defend millions of attacks a day. 

View solutions that are relevant to you

One of the largest UK networks of Barristers

One of the UK's leading Barrister Chambers focusing on Tax

Accounting and auditing firm with more than 50-year history

Collaborating Partners

Our team includes members from a diverse collection
of professional associations


Our case studies

Structuring investment fund with initial capital of in hundreds of millions for a group of European entrepreneurs investing the proceeds of sale of their pharmaceutical business.

Ready to find out more?

Whether you have a complex issue that requires our solutions or you have a simple tax or accounting related question, feel free to drop us an enquiry below and we will aim to get in touch with you within 24 hours (working hours). You can also use the social meeting links to get in touch with us on Linkedlin, Telegram or Whatsapp. 

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